Council-Meeting Minutes Monday, January 23, 2024 7:00 PM


Regular Meeting
Tuesday, January 23, 2024 7:00 PM
Council Room
895 Frisco Street
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Terry Beckham brought meeting to order at 7:00 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Bennett gave a word of Prayer.

Those Present:  Mayor Terry Beckham, Aldermen Bill Bennett, Duane DeRennaux, Jason Ward, Curtis Crouch, Comptroller Roben Griggs, City Superintendent Jason Evans, Police Chief Michael Sherman (absent), Adam Marquez, City Clerk Sandra Richter, Scott Melby, Jennifer Whitson, Mat Lorraine, Amy Howdeshell, James Hayes, Harry Martin, Aaron Tindall, Larry Howdeshell, and Amy England with the press.

Jason Ward makes motion to approve agenda, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to accept regular meeting minutes for January 8, 2024, Jason Ward seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Unfinished Business:  Mayor Beckham advised City has not received FEMA report at this time. Council agreed to table US Corps of Engineers.

New Business: Amy Howdeshell shared a drawing Gary Underwood made for a conversion plan for turning tennis courts into pickleball and basketball courts. Howdeshell suggested advertising around the court if it is allowed to help raise funds. Duane DeRennaux explained that Council discussed previously about tearing out the asphalt and replacing with concrete to make pickleball and basketball courts. Bill Bennett suggested getting asphalt removed from tennis court when Jason Evans and crew have time. Discussion of grant availability, which Roben Griggs agreed to contract MRPC to see if any are available.

Gentry Hutchings of Arneson Timber not in attendance due to he spoke with Jason Evans about transformers and they have it worked out.

Mayor Beckham explained that our current mutual aid agreement expires August 1, 2024 so need approval to sign a new agreement. FEMA requires that cities have a mutual aid agreement in place before a disaster occurs. Without it, FEMA will not reimburse for the first 8 hours of recovery costs. Jason Ward makes motion to authorize Mayor Beckham to sign MPUA mutual aid agreement, Curtis Crouch seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

City Clerk Richter introduced ordinance authorizing president of public works to sign MPUA mutual aid agreement.

Aldermen                    1st Reading                  2nd Reading                 Ord. #  1001       Bill # 2024-2

Crouch                         Aye                             Aye

DeRennaux                 Aye                             Aye

Bennett                       Aye                             Aye

Ward                           Aye                             Aye

Motion passed as of January 23, 2024.

Planning and Zoning: None

Roben Griggs shared payables of $43,406.41.  Jason Ward makes motion to pay payables as presented, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Roben Griggs advised there is $646.69 in dog pound checking account and questioned if Council would like her to close account and transfer money to operations of dog pound, or keep account open for donations. Council in agreeance of keeping account open. Griggs requested permission to transfer $500.00 from dog pound account to operating account. Jason Ward makes motion to allow Mayor Beckham to transfer $500.00 from dog pound account to operating account, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Discussion of dog food prices and checking into donations. Griggs volunteered to make calls for dog food donations.

Chief Sherman (absent): Bill Bennett shared that Chief Sherman and Brooks Kenagy sent certified letters about a particular truck that sits in a yard, that has been ongoing for about 4 years. He feels like City needs to do something. Mayor Beckham will talk with city prosecutor to see where we stand.

Jason Evans shared that he only has 1 addition to the report he sent to Council. He requested seeking bids for labor to finish City Hall roof since he already has materials. Curtis Crouch makes motion to seek bids to finish City Hall roof, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Parks:  Mat Lorraine shared that Jennifer Hurd wants to step down as president of park panel and let him, being the vice president, step up as president. Bill Bennett questioned if it should be up to park panel, which Lorraine advised there is not enough members currently to decide due to some have resigned. James Hays shared that Kevin Green is willing to serve on panel for school, and Curt Merseal is willing to serve for bike park. Duane DeRennaux shared that his understanding is that Mat Lorraine being vice president would be acting as president until park panel meets. Mat Lorraine advised park panel is meeting February 6 at 5:30 pm at the Community Center.  James Hayes recommended making Jennifer Whitson temporary secretary for park panel, which she agreed to. Bill Bennett questioned how long it would take to tear out the old tennis court and Jason Evans answered a day.  

Streets:  Bill Bennett shared that he still wants a sickle bar that could be used on ditches and requested Jason Evans getting a couple of bids. Bennett questioned if City owns property along Steelville Manufacturing to stand pipe and the possibility of building a street through there. Evans advised we have an easement for electric but there may be some constraints. Bennett also mentioned building 150 feet of road from South Spring Street up to Keysville Street. Discussion of checking with attorney, assessor, and Dennis Bell.

Sandra Richter shared user report for December as 92%, water sold 41%, and city water usage 1%.

Public Comment:  James Hayes questioned that it was mentioned getting a bid from Amish for roof and wondered if they pay taxes. Amy England stated that they pay sales tax.

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 5 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Room.

With nothing more to discuss Curtis Crouch makes motion to adjourn at 7:57 pm, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries

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