October 16, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting
Monday, October 16, 2017 7:00 PM
895 Frisco Street/Council Room
Steelville, Missouri 65565

Mayor brought meeting to order and led us with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Bill Bennett gave a word of Prayer.

Those present; Mayor Michael Keen, Mayor Pro-tem Terry Beckham, Alderman Bill Bennett, Alderwomen Sharon Hubbard, Amanda Sherrill (absent), Comptroller Roben Griggs, City Clerk Sandy Richter, City Supervisor Tommy Murray, Police Chief Michael Sherman, Harry Martin, Chrissie Sherman, Rob Viehman, and Amy England with the press.

Bill Bennett makes a motion to approve the agenda, Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion passed.  Bill Bennett makes a motion to approve the Public Meeting minutes, Terry Beckham seconds it, all in favor, motion passed. Terry Beckham makes a motion to approve Regular Meeting minutes for October 2, 2017, Sharon Hubbard  seconds it, all in favor, motion passes.

Old Business:  Discussion over the hand out policy for travel and meals, which Council feels it covers all of our needs.  Roben Griggs advised council that she will have draft ready with the City’s information to vote on for meeting on November 6th, 2017.

Ordinances 908 and 909 passed in previous meeting on March 20, 2017, but not found in minutes. Copies of ordinances, and the votes were located in Mayor Michael Keen’s folder. Bill Bennett made motion to accept, and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion passed. After meeting it was found that minutes for March 20, 2017 had been copied over with April 3rd, 2017 minutes.  Error has been corrected and up to date.

New Business
Rob Viehman discussed with Council on planting trees and shrubs on November 4th in areas around Steelville Community Park along Whittenburg Creek, the helipad landing zone on Industrial Dr., walking bridge, and top area of Hoppe Spring Park. He plans to meet with park board and Council about making a native meadow area in the back of Steelville Community Park. He would also like to see about replacing grate, and stocking trout back at Hoppe Spring Park.  He is willing to pay for trout and suggested that the City could put in containers to sell fish food that would make revenue. There was discussion on the need of yearly creek cleaning, starting with land above the City.

Roben Griggs explained that the City is in need of an updated planning and zoning map.  Ann with MRPC is working on map under a grant, and will be meeting with her on Monday to go over information she needs to complete it.

Planning and Zoning had nothing this week.

Sharon Hubbard made the motion to pay the payables, which were for $200,128.56, Terry Beckham seconds it, all I’s, motion passes.

Police Chief Michael Sherman asked permission to check with Rick Damouth at Cowtown, on loaner program for a side by side, for department to use for surveillance, Council was in agreeance.

Tommy Murray, City Supervisor gave his utility report on progress they had made.  He advised that the pool repair is scheduled to start on Tuesday, October 17th.  He also reported that the lights on walk trail were destroyed again.

There was discussion on sewer line project including paving of Lynn Street, and GTC putting rock on Hatcher Road.  Mayor Michael Keen asked Joe Heberlie to come in and speak with Council on Pierce laying asphalt of Lynn Street due to price had doubled amount GTC had proposed.  Water Street is in need of taking dip out and paving due to highly traveled street.  Roben Griggs noted there is about $15,000 left in budget to use for paving of streets.

Bill Bennett suggested Council look at rates and consumption to reach out to JMS Senior Living with their electric bill for 4 months until they get residents back in.  Terry Beckham and Sharon Hubbard asked to get figures together and put on agenda for next meeting.  Bill Bennett inquired about area on First Street, and area in front of Spare Rib on Main Street, on ADA changes and Mayor Keen noted that Preston Kramer with the State Highway Department, is supposed to come check on issues.  There was discussion on several good streets  losing color turning gray that may need re-sealed, or maybe chip and sealed to preserve the pavement.

Mayor Michael Keen asked Tom Murray if tree trimming had been started on Robin Hill, which Tom Murray said it has not yet, due to guys have been busy. 

User Report was normal range other than water was high.  Park water was high due to work on pool.

With nothing more to discuss, Terry Beckham makes the motion to adjourn and Sharon Hubbard seconds the motion, motion carried.

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