Council-Meeting Minutes Monday, March 1, 2021 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting
Monday, March 1, 2021 7:00 PM
Council Room
895 Frisco Street
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Terry Beckham brought meeting to order at 7:00 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bill Bennett gave a word of Prayer.

Those Present:  Mayor Terry Beckham, Aldermen Bill Bennett, Duane De Rennaux, Alderwomen Sharon Hubbard (absent), Tamra Cape, Comptroller Roben Griggs, City Superintendent Jason Evans, Police Chief Michael Sherman, City Clerk Sandra Richter, Chrissie Sherman, Jason Ward, Mathew Lorraine, Jacob Beers, Curtis Crouch, James Hayes, Harry Martin, Bill Oaker, Tamara Oaker, and Amy England with the press.   

Duane De Rennaux makes motion to approve agenda, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to approve regular meeting minutes for February 22, 2021, Tamra Cape seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Unfinished business: Mayor Beckham questioned the placement of a video surveillance camera   placed in Mrs. Richter’s office area. Several cameras located throughout City Hall that cover most outside area, open bay, and teller window. No other office or work area has been singled out with video camera. Bill Bennett advised he read letter from City Attorney and suggested moving Sandy’s desk. Discussion among Council to move camera pointing at register, and window to see customers walking up to pay. Chief Sherman shared that he has some ideas for foyer area and recommendation for position of cameras.

Discussion of ordinance for parks and recreation with dissolving park board and making a park panel consisting of up to 7, with three citizens from Steelville area, three citizens residing inside city limits, a member from school, and two aldermen whom are appointed by Mayor. Items needing added that the panel will be advisory only, Community Building has a deed restriction for use of American Legion area, and City does not have say on fishing that is under Conservation. Tamra Cape will get changes to attorney for updates on ordinance for next meeting.

New business: Bill And Tamara Oaker in attendance requesting a business license for S’oaker’s Car Wash, LLC located at 175 East Euclid. Bill Bennett makes motion to grant license, Tamra Cape seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Jennifer Michalek not in attendance.

Jason Evans opened bids for chain link fence being Perfect Fence of Kansas City for $19,615 and All Type Fence of Cuba for $9,500. Bill Bennett makes motion to accept All Type Fence at $9,500 to replace South side and gates, Duane De Rennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Harry Martin shared map for Greenway Trail. He and others signed for easements years ago for their property, but not sure if owners at other end had to sign with being along creek.

Roben Griggs presented payables of $51,651.86. Jason Evans requested approval for MO State Surplus of $1,573.00 due to $73.00 over his purchase amount. Bill Bennett makes motion Jason spend $73.00 over his credit line for new transmission, Tamra Cape seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to pay payables of $51,651.86, Duane De Rennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Chief Sherman shared his monthly report of 195 calls with 36 reports filed. He thanked volunteers and members of Steelville Fire Department for helping with warming center. Requested removal of dog pound from agenda to allow time to go over items with City Attorney for clarification. Chief requested approval to apply for off time Highway Safety Program grant of 420 hours.  Duane De Rennaux makes motion to apply for grant, Tamra Cape seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Jason Evans reported they removed rotten shutters from Jonas Museum, and have new ones ordered. Water crossing at City Park will be finished this week. Replacing bathroom stalls at City Park. Spoke with MODOT bridge inspector and all bridges passed with exception of bridge by Dairy Isle. Inspector gave Jason a list of items for repair and bridge could last 30 to 40 more years. He recommends lowering weight limits and possibly make a one-way bridge. Evans requested purchasing mini excavator for $12,500 from Bobcat of St. Louis, as there is money in budget for it. Duane De Rennaux makes motion to purchase mini excavator for $12,500, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries.  

Duane De Rennaux shared ad in paper for pool applications and Tamra Cape plans to check with high school to post notices for those that do not receive paper.

Sandra Richter shared shut-off report as 18 shut-offs and 4 still unpaid.

Public Comment: Matt Lorraine questioned what is wrong with old park board. Duane De Rennaux explained that he and Tamra talked and that no one is counted out. He would like to meet with people to listen to their ideas.

James Hayes questioned if two Council members are appointed for panel. Duane De Rennaux explained the Mayor appoints. He suggested adding a member from Chamber of Commerce to park panel.

Bill Bennett would like agenda changed to public comments and new business at top of agenda. Mayor Beckham says check with MML to see how other cities handle.

Mayor Beckham reminded everyone of public forum for Mountain Bike Collective tomorrow at 7:00 pm at Community Building.

Next regular meeting scheduled for March 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm in Council Room.

With nothing more to discuss, Bill Bennett makes motion to adjourn meeting at 8:27 pm, Duane De Rennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.







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