Council-Meeting Minutes Monday 5, December, 2022 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting
Monday, December 5, 2022 7:00 PM
Council Room
895 Frisco Street
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Terry Beckham brought meeting to order at 7:00 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jason Ward gave a word of Prayer.

Those Present:  Mayor Terry Beckham, Aldermen Bill Bennett, Duane DeRennaux, Jason Ward, Curtis Crouch, Comptroller Roben Griggs (absent), City Superintendent Jason Evans (absent), Police Chief Michael Sherman, City Clerk Sandra Richter, James Hayes, Harry Martin, Jr., and Travis Raymo.

Jason Ward makes motion to approve agenda, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Curtis Crouch makes motion to approve regular meeting minutes for November 21, 2022, Jason Ward seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Unfinished Business: Mayor Beckham shared that he received an email from Michelle, the head auditor, stating she just received information last week from previous auditor, Sikich, that she had requested. She is tied up right now but plans to work on our audits in January. Hopefully she will have our full audit reports the end of January.

Curtis Crouch shared that Corps of Engineers meeting is set for Monday, December 12th at 10:00 am. Will meet at City Hall and then go onsite.

New Business:  None

Roben Griggs (absent) Mayor Beckham shared payables of $63,816.34. Curtis Crouch makes motion to approve payables, Jason Ward seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Mayor Beckham advised we received an invoice for Steelville MTB Trail requesting $25,000.00 for the other half of agreement which will be up for approval next meeting.

Chief Sherman shared his department took 57 reports for the month of November.

Jason Evans (absent) Mayor Beckham shared that they started roof of City Hall. Jason Ward shared public works dealt with a water main break today.

Duane DeRennaux received a text from Jennifer Hurd that she was sick and not able to attend meeting this evening. He shared that James Hayes and himself will get with Jennifer Hurd to get daffodils planted. James Hayes advised new sign is up on pavilion at Hoppe Spring Park.  

Bill Bennett advised it is a given that we are not getting asphalt. Mayor Beckham received complaints regarding Spring Street, which Jason Ward said he spoke with Jason Evans today and they should be far enough with project to rectify the situation now. Bill Bennett suggested putting one inch minus on areas of Spring and West High Streets since not getting paving this year.

Sandra Richter shared the Shut-off Report for November as 19 shut-off, 4 still unpaid, and 2 to be final billed.

Public Comment: Travis Raymo advised he talked with Jason Evans 2 months ago regarding branches still laying where they trimmed trees. He also stated caps are off fire hydrant across from his house where they are tying in by Hoppe Spring Park and questioned if it works properly in case his house would catch on fire. Curtis Crouch advised valve is shut off.

Bill Bennett shared that he requested for the past 4 or 5 years for tree trimming but it is not happening. He questioned cameras at City Hall were supposed to be installed over a year ago over front door but have not been installed. Mayor Beckham thought cameras were all installed but will check into. Bill Bennett advised some cities have their meetings live on Facebook and suggested may want to consider some day. He shared that in meeting with MRPC there was discussion of in the event of flooding if City has high ground, which brings him up to the Lynn Hewkin property on Keysville Road that City tried to buy last year. It is ready to process now. After discussion of pursuing the purchase of property Bill Bennett made motion to purchase 4.5 acres of Lynn Hewkin property for $45,000.00, allowing up to $50,000.00 with closing fees, Jason Ward seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Chief Sherman shared the Shop with a Cop is scheduled for December 19th so he will not be present for next meeting but will have an officer attend meeting.

Mayor Beckham shared the Christmas Dinner is scheduled for December 22 at noon. Duane DeRennaux noted that there is an ornament exchange and each person should bring an ornament in a bag for exchange.

Sandra Richter shared election sign up opens at 8:00 am tomorrow morning.

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m. in Council Room

With nothing more to discuss Jason Ward makes motion to adjourn at 7:39 pm, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.






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