Council-Meeting Minutes Monday, April 17, 2023 7:00 PM



Regular Meeting
Monday, May 1, 2023 7:00 PM
Council Room
895 Frisco Street
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Terry Beckham brought meeting to order at 7:00 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jason Ward gave a word of Prayer.

Those Present:  Mayor Terry Beckham, Aldermen Bill Bennett, Duane DeRennaux, Jason Ward, Curtis Crouch, Comptroller Roben Griggs, City Superintendent Jason Evans, Police Chief Michael Sherman, City Clerk Sandra Richter, James Hayes, Harry Martin, Travis & Eve Raymo, Paula Rulo, Terri Lea, and Amy England with the press.

Jason Ward makes motion to approve agenda as it stands, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to approve regular meeting minutes for April 17, 2023, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: Roben Griggs shared renewal for employee health insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, along with GAP insurance. A rate increase of $45.33 per employee per month with keeping same coverage. Curtis Crouch makes motion to accept renewal, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Pool manager Terri Lea in attendance to explain that a gentleman she spoke with Council in regards to hiring did not get application in so recommended hiring Lauren Davis for that spot. She worked for the pool previously so she is experienced, just needs recertification. Jason Ward makes motion to hire Lauren Davis for lifeguard at $12.50 per hour, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Terri shared that Brett Bailey lined up lifeguard certification for May 19-21 at city pool if that works. The fees would stay the same with recertification $65.00 and new certification $75.00. Council in agreeance to hold certification at city pool. Jason Evans advised the pool will be ready by May 19.

Roben Griggs presented payables of $54,922.96. Curtis Crouch makes motion to pay payables, Jason Ward seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Chief Sherman shared reports for month of April as 85, the same time last year was 54. He spoke with several individuals regarding derelict vehicles, with a citation issued for one, and one was removed.  He spoke with property owner regarding trash in yard which he is in process of getting eviction process started. 2 of his officers are currently in CIS training that he instructs. Chief Sherman and Mayor Beckham spoke with STE while here installing cameras at office and requested bids for cameras at dog pound and on the trail. He shared that Childrens Division event on Saturday went very well at community park. Jason Ward shared appreciation for Chief Sherman picking up hours to pick up slack.

Jason Evans shared the splash pad is underway with feature bases set, and pumps coming in next week. Pool is drained, ready for repairs and should be filled end of next week so they may install rock climbing wall. Build Tech came in and tour down first clarifier last week to be ready to install when parts come in. They rented a small roller and did some road patching this past week. He plans to start on Community Building repairs next week to get bathrooms usable. They are replacing hand rail at Jonas Museum with hopes to finish on Thursday. Evans received a call from an appraiser regarding 470 Industrial Drive being zoned commercial but used for residential for years, and questioned if city would require rezoning to continue as a residential dwelling. Jason Ward makes motion for house at 470 Industrial Drive an allowance to be used as residential occupancy, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Jason Evans advised he selected a couple seasonal applicants to work with Jim and John in the parks if Council is still on board with hiring as discussed previously. Duane DeRennaux makes motion to hire 2 seasonal workers for parks, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Jason Evans shared that Logan Hemby and Dillon Bunch are the 2 applicants he would like to hire. Curtis Crouch makes motion to hire Logan Hemby and Dillon Bunch at $12.50 per hour, Duane DeRennaux seconds, all in favor, motion carries.

Duane DeRennaux shared that he, his wife, and Roben Griggs plan to go to St. Charles to pick up 70 trees from a Green Leaf program they joined. He gave kudos to Steelville Tourism for the Vintage Market on Main they held this past weekend; it went really well. Watkins Portables will not install portable toilets at bike trail this year due to vandalism last year. He received compliments on hanging baskets on Main Street, which they will reevaluate condition of flowers after this season in hopes of a zero budget for next year. DeRennaux thanked Yadkin Creek, Outdoors & More 4H groups and everyone that helped with project of birdhouses and bat houses. He requested James Hayes finish up parking signs. Jason Evans advised the cost is about $1,500.00 and suggested waiting until next budget year. James Hayes volunteered to complete them and wait for pay until July.

Curtis Crouch shared the patch job looks good by Hoppe Springs. Mayor Beckham questioned if paving Church Street and Jason Evans advised it will get paved next year.

Sandra Richter shared shut-off report as 15 shut-off, 4 unpaid, and 1 to be final billed.

Public Comment: James Hayes shared there is a work day scheduled for 9:00 am on May 6 at Hoppe Spring Park. Mayor Beckham questioned that several people are wondering about gazebo. James Hayes advised that Walker Richards is supposed to get poles to him but has not got them to him yet. Their original plan was to use telephone poles, which he has the poles. Duane DeRennaux will get with James to get poles cut to fit design for existing roof. DeRennaux questioned the funds available for project, which James Hayes spoke with Kevin Green and he said it is fine to start. Discussion of type of flooring, possibly a raised floor so they will set poles plenty high. Mayor Beckham suggested getting Park Panel involved, which Duane DeRennaux advised Jennifer is already up on a lot of it so it will not be a problem.

Bill Bennett questioned projection for completion of Robin Hill. Jason Evans explained he pulled the two guys off project to help on splash pad but hopes after this week they can get back up on Robin Hill.

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 15 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Room.

With nothing more to discuss Jason Ward makes motion to adjourn at 7:45 pm, Duane DeRennauxseconds, all in favor, motion carries.



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