Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting

 Tuesday, January 16, 2018 7:00 PM

895 Frisco Street/Council Room

Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor brought meeting to order and led us with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bill Bennett gave a word of Prayer.

Those present; Mayor Michael Keen, Mayor Pro-tem Terry Beckham, Alderman Bill Bennett, Alderwomen Sharon Hubbard , Amanda Sherrill, City Supervisor Roben Griggs, City Clerk Sandra Richter, City Supervisor Tommy Murray, Police Chief Michael Sherman, Harry Martin, Charles Ray, Jennifer Hurd, and Amy England with the press.

Sharon Hubbard makes motion to amend the day on the agenda with correction of Tuesday on header, Terry Beckham seconds it, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to approve Regular Meeting minutes, Amanda Sherrill seconds it, all in favor, motion carries. 

Old Business:  Charlie Ray with Missouri Engineering presented a hand out for sewer project that shows over budget by $4,460.10.  It included budget, list of extra construction items, a Punchlist, and a pay estimate of $9,807.75 due. He advised that project should be finished by end of February and he will send Consult Certification to DNR when complete. After discussion Council questioned if there will be any cost to City for repairs of damages, or inspections and Charlie Ray assured Council the City will not have additional cost for repairs or inspections. He invited Council to look when complete to see if meets their satisfaction.  Mayor Keen questioned if last change order of $2,158.75 and Charlie Ray said yes. Terry Beckham makes motion to pay partial payment, Bill Bennett seconds it, all in favor, motion passes.

City Attorney amended Chapter 93.105 for Council to view and make changes if necessary. Council marked for Attorney to make changes and have for February 5th meeting.

New Business:  Mayor Keen presented a quote from Browns Tree Service for fees to help our Electric crew with upcoming projects.  Tom Murray advised that City Electrician Andy Simpson will make Council a list of projects that he feels they need help completing.

Sandra Richter presented quote Council requested from Watkins Portable Toilets for handicap accessible toilet for Hoppe Spring Park which they do not have but will install regular toilet for $65.00 a month year round.

Mayor Keen discussed with Council that Police Department has 2018 Ford Explorer ready at Joe Machens.  Council tabled and asked Chief Michael Sherman to meet with City Supervisor Roben Griggs to contact Kelly of Joe Machens to get breakdowns and terms for vehicle to have ready for next council meeting on February 5th

Bill Bennett makes motion to pay payables of $192,029.22, Sharon Hubbard seconds, all in favor, motion carries.  City Supervisor Roben Griggs questioned Council if she needs to go out for bid for auditor. Terry Beckham makes motion to extend with current auditor for another year, Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion passes.

Tommy Murray, City Supervisor advised that replacement of recloser went very well. He questioned about getting bid in local paper for grass mowing and weed eating of City property in February. He will provide a list of areas and show to those interested in bidding.

City Clerk Sandra Richter gave Users Report for December.  City Clerk asked permission for disposal of records list.  Amanda Sherrill makes motion to destroy items on the record disposal list, Bill Bennett seconds it, all in favor, motion passes.

Next meeting is scheduled for February 5th at 7:00 pm.

With nothing more to discuss, Sharon Hubbard makes the motion to adjourn at 8:18 pm, Terry Beckham seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.

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