March 20, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting
Monday March 20, 2017 7:00 PM
895 Frisco Street/Council Room
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Michael Keen called the meeting to order and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, with a short Prayer given by Bill Bennett. 

Those Present for the Meeting were:  Mayor Michael Keen, Alderman Terry Beckham, Sharon Hubbard, Amanda Sherrill, William Bennett, City Clerk Sheila Anderson, City Supervisor Tommy Murray, City Marshal Mike Sherman, Comptroller, Roben Griggs, Christina Sherman, Harry Martin Jr, Rob Viehman, Matt Lorraine, Michelle Sware, Carter Mason, Logan Hemby, Stacy Mason, Christy Hemby, Mike Rethowski, Jennifer Hurd, Elijah Young, and from the press Amy England.

The agenda needs to be amended with the addition of lease agreement with the school, MPUA Agreement, 2 Personnel Ordinance’s. Locater and digger truck under Public Works, parks, park bridge.  Amanda Sherrill  makes the motion to amend the agenda and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.

Bill Bennett made the motion to approve the Minutes from March 6, 2017 and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.

Amanda Sherrill makes the motion to have Mayor Michael Keen sign the agreement with the school for the inner circle and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.

Mike Retwoski was present with his troop to ask questions and learn more about city government and to make suggestions of what they would like to see improvements made.  Logan Hemby would like to see the park made bigger and waterslide go in for the pool.  Carter Mason would like to see more lights put on the Trail.  Mike Retowski was asking about infrastructure improvements. 

The City has an ordinance that needs to be signed as part of the electric with MJMUC.
Ordinance Number 907
                                                           1st Reading                                         2nd Reading
Terry Beckham                                   Yes                                                      Yes
Sharon Hubbard                                 Yes                                                      Yes
Amanda Sherrill                                  Yes                                                      Yes
Bill Bennett                                         Yes                                                      Yes

Michelle Sware and Holly Huffman were present from Ozark Regional Library to give out information on the Proposition for the Library.  This Proposition is much needed to keep the Library with all its Resources for the community.   The library has not had an increase since 1948 when

Rob Viehman was present to discuss some trees that were planted but stolen, but more is on the way to be planted.  There are some bare places along Industrial Drive.           Rob said 4th Street down to First Street, City owns both sides that trees can be planted, but they will not plant trees under power lines.  They should not plant any trees under power lines nor should there be trees planted over sewer or water lines in regards to the roots will bust the pipes and cause problems.  Rob also asked if the City has a Flood Plain Ordinance, which the city does and will make a copy of it.  Discussed flood control, flood relief.  Wants to know how many structures that got flooded last time.

Payables are for $152,263.98 this time around.  Amanda Sherrill makes the motion to pay the bills and Bill Bennett seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.

The City has a check that needs to stop payment on for a customer’s deposit Brandon Schneider.  Amanda Sherrill makes the motion to stop payment and Bill Bennett seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.

Change in Personnel Ordinance on the Doctor for the MRO for drug testing.
Bill # 2017-3               Ordinance # 908

Aldermen                                1st Reading                                          2nd Reading
Beckham                                 Yes                                                      Yes
Hubbard                                  Yes                                                      Yes
Sherrill                                     Yes                                                      Yes
Bennett                                    Yes                                                      Yes

Change in Personnel Ordinance on wages for employees getting called out on a job when they have had vacation, sick, comp time or a holiday.
Bill # 2017-4               Ordinance # 909

Aldermen                                1st Reading                              2nd Reading
Beckham                                 Yes                                          Yes
Hubbard                                  Yes                                          Yes
Sherrill                                     Yes                                          Yes
Bennett                                    Yes                                          Yes

Tommy reports that the Water department needs a new locater.  Mayor Keen would like to get the ordinance changed where the Mayor could make and emergency purchase above the $1500.00.  Bill Bennett makes the motion to approve $1000.00 above the $1500.00 that is in place, and Terry Beckham seconds the motion , all in favor, motion carried.  The $1500.00 is with 3 quotes, but emergency would be without the quotes up to $2500.00.  Terry Beckham makes the motion to purchase the pipe locater and Amanda Sherrill seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.

In Public Works Tommy gave his Utility Report.

In parks Darlene Setzer is interested in sitting at  Jonas Museum this summer.  She will get $175.00 for cleaning and will be paid as soon as she is done with wages of $600.00 for the summer to be paid as soon as season ends on Tuesday after, Terry Beckham makes the motion to hire Darlene and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.  Sharon Hubbard reports that the bridge that goes into the park has the chain broken and is a safety hazard and needs to be repaired.  Amanda Sherrill makes motion to reallocate $4000.00 for the Hoppe Spring pavilion and Bill Bennett seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.  There will need to have a PO filled out and bring in for Mayor to sign.

City Clerk gave the User report which shows water sold was up, it was 71% this month.

With no further discussion Sharon Hubbard  makes the motion to adjourn and Amanda Sherrill seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.

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