August 7, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting
Monday, August 7, 2017 7:00 PM
895 Frisco Street/Council Room
Steelville, Missouri 65565

Mayor brought meeting to order and led us with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sharon Hubbard gave a word of Prayer.

Those present; Mayor Michael Keen, Terry Beckham, Bill Bennett, Alderwomen Sharon Hubbard, Amanda Sherrill, City Clerk Sheila Anderson, Comptroller Roben Griggs, City Supervisor Tommy Murray, Police Chief Michael Sherman, Harry Martin, Mike Beers, Kermit Lonning, Charlie Ray, Amanda Keyman, Cameron Schweiss, Josh Kendle and Rob Viehman with the press.

Amanda Sherrill makes a motion to approve the agenda and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, motion carried.

Sharon Hubbard makes the motion to approve the regular meeting minutes from July 17, 2017 and Terry Beckham seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.  

Bill makes a motion to re-issue utility refund check to John Ransom and Terry Beckham seconds it, Amanda Sherrill and Sharon Hubbard not in favor.   Mayor Michael Keen makes decision to break tie to pay, motion carried.

Bill Bennett makes a motion for the City to contract Garrison’s at $100 per hour to dig 50 feet on each side on the creek at a total of 16 hours and the use of their dump truck at $75 per hour starting at Spring Street bridge and working down,  Sharon Hubbard seconds it, all in favor, motion carried.   Discussion of the City using our dump truck to assist.

Cameron Schweiss and Josh Kendle, Archer-Elgin presents ADA plans.  The CDBG grant to upgrade City Hall totals $243,000 ADA implemented with $57,000 cash or in kind match by the City. The funds the City has to match does not necessarily have to be ADA related. Cameron indicated how the plans can be modified to best suit the needs of the City.  Upon next meeting, more can be discussed.   Josh Kendle presented the preliminary draft and additional parking.  Sharon Hubbard asked if discussion was made not to put another door down by the Police.  Amanda Sherrill asked what was the proposal for parking?  The grant does include some parking improvements.   Possibly expand out to put a second row of parking, but if not ADA parking then can be part of the City’s match.  Also, there will be an after hours parking spots added for the Police Department on that side as well as a handicap ramp.  Sharon asked the Police Chief in case of emergency wouldn’t they want a back entry to access the front offices?  Police Chief, Mike Sherman explained he didn’t feel it necessary response time would still be only seconds.   Amanda Sherrill questioned about the parking because of looking to the future possibly in 5-10 years moving City Hall back to down town and using this facility for a community/banquet center and use the Community building for City Hall.  Sharon asked where Police station would then be located.   Bill Bennett recommended leaving the Police Station here on Frisco for the time being.

A recommendation was to expand the restrooms to accommodate a larger function if this takes place and make the breakroom smaller.  Amanda Sherrill also mentioned if relocation of City Hall we could also rent out for office space.  Bill Bennett asked the time frame of using these funds.  Cameron advised 2 years so there is time to design this to best suit the needs of the City.  Cameron pointed out we have a HVAC problem in the building.  The grant will not fund a new unit, but with insulation and new duct work to help utilize what we have.

Cameron recommended meeting again in approximately one month.

Bill Bennett made a motion that the Mayor contact Jason Evans about removing trusses from Old City Hall or take the whole roof off to see if he is interested.

Mike Beers and Mark representative from John Mansfield presented a TPO with insulation with a 20 year- no dollar limit warranty for a new roof.  Mike mentioned the condition of existing roof is not in great shape.   Mr. Beers quoted he could do this project from about $200,000 to $225,000 depending on how much insulation we want.  Terry Beckham asked if 3 inches of insulation?  Mr. Beers replied, yes and R rating is 5.7 per inch. 

The design of the new roof leaves nothing exposed to the weather and will help with the heating and cooling bills.  Mark from Johns Mansfield proposed this product would be the best solution for the long term.

Council left the topic to be discussed at later date.

Kermit Lanning would like to be able to get the glass doors from old city hall to use in the youth room of the Baptist Church.   The Mayor had Sheila contacted Stuart from MML and was advised since this is taxpayers property it would need to be posted.  The Mayor also mentioned that FEMA may give funds to tear it down so that may factor in how this will have to be disposed. The council discussed the dollar value and possible him removing the doors could go toward the labor for in kind.  Terry Beckham mentioned there is a door there that is 42” wide and that one could be reused for the Community building.  Mayor told Kermit we would have to let him know about decision.

Charlie Ray gave update on the sewer project. On Water Street there was a line in the sewer trench which has been redirected to correct.  Took out the old sewer abutments at 2nd Street and by Post Office.   Overall change order #3 $12,018.00 over still on target $230,000. At the present it is at $204,000 with the change order. Charlie recommended the Council pass this change order. The Mayor asked if everyone on Pines street was all okay.  Charlie reported everyone and he will check about the one with the leaning fence.  The day care is reported to be done all but the fence and she wants that done. Terry Beckham makes a motion, Sharon Hubbard seconds it, motion carries.  Charlie then asked about change order #4, Jimmy requested Lynn Street since he has had a lot of trouble this would come to $9668.25.  Charlie would like for Councils approve to negotiate for this after he get everything else done.   So this would then take the budget to $213,000.  Terry Beckham makes a motion and Sharon Hubbard seconds it, motion carries to improve change order #4.

Planning and Zoning had nothing this week.

Sharon Hubbard made the motion to pay the payables, which were for $212,890.29 to include the check to Steelville Manufacturing $3030.  Terry Beckham seconds the motion, motion carried.

Police Chief Mike Sherman proposed a Block grant for the police department in the amount of 9999.00.  Mike asked for bank account to be opened for this. Plans to use this for equipment.   Grant requires no funds to match.  Amanda Sherrill makes a motion and Bill Bennett seconds it, motion carries to Mike to apply for Grant.

Reported checking into getting volunteers for the dog pound. Requested a bank account be opened for the Dog Pound to use for donations.  Mike recommended he and Roben be put on the account. Armand would use purchase orders or Country Mart charge account upon approval.  Council recommended it be a ledger account.

Chief also reported a camera was purchased for the park bathroom and will be installed.

Tommy Murray City Supervisor gave his utility report.  Tom reported small bucket truck was at Hutcheson Ford for repairs .  When picking it up they had to drop off water truck for repairs.

Discussion to fix dump truck or not.  Terry Beckham gave the report from Alan Miles what repairs and cost to get up and running.  Amanda asked if we have an employee that can do maintenance on equipment.  Tom replied that it is taken to Hewkin Tire for maintenance. The Mayor requested maintenance logs to be in force. Bill Bennett passed out some information about either a 10 ft $4800 trailer or 14 ft trailer $7500 which could be used with one of our truck to serve as a second dump truck.  Council agreed for Bill to get specs.

Attended FEMA meeting.

Tommy Murray asked for Larry, Jimmy and himself going to continuing education class for recertification hours. Tom and Larry is for water license and Jimmy is for sewer license.

Jonas Museum will be closed for the month of August. Reopen Sept 1, 2017 and stay open until Columbus Day, October 10, 2017.

Bill Bennett committed on Streets and he would like Esther and Church /Street cleaned up.

Paving of streets needs to be put out for bid.  Discussion First Street to Highway 19, Patrick, Kelly and Gridley streets need to be done.  Tommy mentioned that High Street did not get completed.  Terry Beckham asked how much was in the budget to pave at the City Park.  Roben replied $6,000.  Discussion if enough to get the 3rd section down.  Mayor suggested handicap spots on the east side of the ball field and at a later date add more.  Tommy asked permission to go ahead and put up handicap signs.

Sharon Hubbard proposed a grant available next year for ADA parking lot at the park.  The cost match is 50%.

Tree trimming update reported only 1 bid received from Brown’s Tree Service at $150 per hour and they provide 3 personnel, which includes Liability Insurance and Worker’s Comp.  Roben reported the budget allows for $10,000 for tree trimming.  Amanda recommended telling Brown’s the amount set aside and allow that amount to be used.  Terry Beckham makes a motion to accept Brown’s Bid, Bill Bennett second the motion, motion carries.

Next meeting the Council needs to pass the Conflict of Interest Ordinance and need to set Tax Hearing on August 21st before regular meeting.  Set the meeting to start at 6:45.

With nothing more to discuss, Amanda Sherrill makes the motion to adjourn and Sharon Hubbard seconds the motion, motion carried.

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