Council-Meeting Minutes Monday, May 7, 2018 7:00 PM


Regular Meeting
 Monday, May 7, 2018 7:00 PM
895 Frisco Street/Conference Room
Steelville, Missouri 65565


Mayor Michael Keen brought meeting to order and led us with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sharon Hubbard gave a word of Prayer.

Those present;  Mayor Michael Keen, Aldermen Terry Beckham, Bill Bennett, Alderwomen Sharon Hubbard, Amanda Sherrill, Office Supervisor Roben Griggs, City Clerk Sandra Richter, City Superintendent Jason Evans, Police Chief Michael Sherman, Harry Martin, Jennifer Hurd, Mathew Lorraine, Bill Patt, Mike Hubbard, Jeff Richardson, Jake Richardson, Becky Richardson, Tom Weisel, Terri Johnson, Rosemary Woodward, Doug Dickmann Jr., Gracy Phares, Tony Blue, Tammy Cape, and Amy England with the press.

Bill Bennett makes motion to approve agenda, Amanda Sherrill seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Sharon Hubbard makes motion to approve special meeting minutes from April 16, 2018, Terry Beckham seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Bill Bennett makes motion to approve regular meeting minutes for April 16, 2018, Sharon Hubbard seconds, all in favor, motion carries.  

New Business:   Jeff Richardson with Ken Richardson Knives Outlet Store announced that they plan to open their business at 107 W Main next week.  They will carry knives, pottery, jewelry, fishing tackle, and hunting supplies for sale, and display artist pictures his dad painted, along with his arrow collection.  Mayor Michael Keen welcomed them to town.

Amendment of Chapter 68

Aldermen                    1st Reading                  2nd Reading                 Ord. #  920             Bill # 2018-2

Amanda Sherrill         I                                   I                                              

Terry Beckham           I                                   I

Bill Bennett                I                                   I

Sharon Hubbard          I                                   I

Motion passed May 7, 2018, with effective date of May 20, 2018.

Mayor Michael Keen gave his appointments as listed:

CITY SUPERVISOR:                                                 JASON EVANS

CITY CLERK:                                                            SANDRA RICHTER

CITY COLLECTOR:                                                 SANDRA RICHTER

COMPTROLLER:                                                      ROBEN GRIGGS                                          

CITY TREASURER:                                                  ROBEN GRIGGS                                          

POLICE & EMPLOYEES:                                        SHARON HUBBARD/TERRY BECKHAM                           

STREETS COMMITTEE:                                         AMANDA SHERRILL/BILL BENNETT                                                                             

PARKS & RECREATION:                                        SHARON HUBBARD/AMANDA SHERRILL                            

BUDGET COMMITTEE:                                          TERRY BECKHAM/BILL BENNETT                             

MAYOR PROTEM:                                                   TERRY BECKHAM                         

CITY ATTORNEY:                                                   BROOKS KENAGY                         

CITY PROSECUTOR:                                               JAMES BROSHOT                                                   

BUILDING INSPECTOR:                                         JASON EVANS                                 

FLOOD PLAIN MANAGER:                                    JASON EVANS                                 

M.R.P.C.:                                                                    MAYOR/SHARON HUBBARD                                                           


HEALTH BOARD:                                                    MAYOR

Bill Patt, Steelville Ambulance Administrator, Captain Tony Blue, Paramedic Doug Dickman, Jr, and Gracy Phares EMT presented a letter to Mayor, Council, Chief of Police, and officers to thank them for professional support they show the ambulance district when they are called out.  A special letter presented for SPD Officer Michael Barr commending his great action of starting CPR on a patient until other resources arrived.  

Mayor Keen advised that Council held an executive session on May 3rd, 2018 for hiring of pool and seasonal employees.  Denyal Lefler hired in as manager at $10.00 per hour, the assistant manager position $9.00 per hour, and head lifeguard position at $8.50 per hour, returning lifeguards $8.00, and new $7.85. Due to conflict of availability, the manager’s input will help determine who fills those positions. Lifeguards hired are Robert Jerrick III, Nathanael Burrus, Gabrianna Verble, Ryley Burrus, Nolan Halbert, Madeline Mabe, Kourtney Carey, Grace Bair, Sydney Booker, Jewel Conaway, AnnaRose Cornick, and Jayda Mercer contingent upon completion of lifeguard certification and drug testing.  Jacob Sanders and Willard Tinker hired on as general laborer/seasonal employees at $9.19 per hour.

Matt Lorraine spoke to Council in regards to creeks being full of gravel and needing cleaned out to help with flow of water through town and in the parks.  Mayor Keen asked Jason Evans what information he had from DNR.  He advised that we as a municipality, have standing permit with DNR for 50 feet either side of waterway that we are allowed to maintain as long as we do not alter the waterway. Missouri also has a repairing law that you can repair as long as not altering waterway or putting mechanism in creek.  Bill Bennett commented that cleaning out from under bridges would not interfere. Matt Lorraine questioned if property behind county shed is City property, that it needs cleaned out. Mayor Keen explained that it is an ongoing problem and that we need to let Jason work his magic on it.

Rosemary Woodward approached Council in regards to improving the Steelville Pound.  Woodward has a pledge for substantial funds for use of improvements to the pound, with more donations to come if the person pledging sees we are making improvements.  She would like to purchase beds that get dogs off the ground.  She and Chief have discussed expanding the pound and making a fenced area for dogs to be outside while cleaning pound.  Bill Bennett suggested building a pound behind City Hall and Council was in agreeance.  After discussion on size and area to build pound, Mayor asked Chief to get dimensions from Cuba of their dog pound so we may get estimates on the cost to build.  Mayor advised that pound improvements would need to be on next year’s budget.

Mayor Keen asked permission for disposal of records list.  Amanda Sherrill makes motion to destroy records on the record disposal list, Terry Beckham seconds, all in favor, motion passes.

Mayor Keen called upon Harry Martin with Planning and Zoning to explain where they are with changes for MH ordinance.  Harry explained committee is waiting for answers from City Attorney and City Engineer to finalize their recommendation for changes in ordinance.

Office Supervisor Roben Griggs presented payables of $43,909.12 for this meeting. Amanda Sherrill makes motion to pay the payables, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion passes.  Griggs asked to make budget revisions needed for this year of $42,041 due to unexpected things such as around $12,000 for demolition of old City Hall building, around $8,000 for repairs to pool, repairs on backhoe $12,000, and pavilion at Hoppe Spring around $4,000.  Terry Beckham makes motion to approve budget revisions of $42,041, Sharon Hubbard seconds, all in favor, motion passes.  Roben questioned about money designated for Robert Hicks to use on water valves between now and July.  After discussion on need of improvements for water department, and how important they are, Roben suggested that she felt $8,000 is doable at this time.  Sharon Hubbard makes motion to allow Robert Hicks $8,000 adjustment for water valves, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion passes. Roben requested change in Chapter 25.020 in regards to purchase in excess of $100 be changed to $5,000 per Auditor recommendation and write up in audit. Sharon Hubbard makes motion to increase from $100 to $5,000, Amanda Sherrill seconds, all in favor, motion passes.

Chief Michael Sherman and department have been busy handing out nuisance and abandoned vehicles letters, and plans to work on derelict properties next.  Chief would like to get repairs for Durango and questioned if dogcatcher could use to haul animals.  Roben advised that it would need checked with insurance to see if it will cover Armand since he is contract labor, not a city employee. Terry Beckham questioned how much it will take to make drivable.  Chief Sherman said he spoke with Marc Mabe and he can do most of the work. Bill Bennett questioned why new car does not have decals on, and Chief Sherman advised decals will get on.  Chief Sherman would like to hire someone to fill Woodall position.  Terry Beckham questioned Chief that when talking about salaries for his department that he was not hiring.  Chief advised that overtime was cut, he is working 100 hours and is salary, so no overtime. Mayor suggested start process.  Amanda Sherrill makes motion to start process of hiring an officer, Sharon Hubbard seconds, Bill Bennett questioned if Chief will bring a name back to us, start process but officer would not start until July?  Chief said yes.  Terry Beckham clarified that the process will start but not hire until next budget year, and Chief said yes, all in favor, motion carries. Chief also announced the school approached him asking for an SRO position.  He advised the school will pay half of the salary, and City pay half. He suggested that it would cut down overtime and help with vacations.  Amanda Sherrill questioned if SRO would be for next school year, and Chief Sherman said yes.  Sharon Hubbard questioned is two new hires making total of six?  Chief says one and a half. School pays half of salary for the SRO. Mayor said Ordinance would need amended to add SRO officer.  Mayor Keen announced that he plans to get meeting with himself, Chief Sherman, and Mr. Broshot to work on ordinances to get our prosecutor involved.

Superintendent Jason Evans shared sample test results from DNR showing the City received an A.  He presented daily parks, recs, and street checklist our part-time employee checks daily, along with reporting any vandalism he comes across.  Swing set at City Park needs to come down, getting very wobbly and will need to be replaced. They are cleaning brush out of stream, will work to clean a piece at a time to get cleaned out.  Electric crew has started the Highway 8 East project.  Cleaning brush out and would like to get Kenny and his crew to help clean out if there is money in budget for this year, to get the line re-strung and get our grid system back up.  Roben Griggs advised there is nothing left in budget for contract labor as of now, but will be in July.  Sewer taps installed at Steelville Manufacturing last week and charged fees according to ordinance and the water taps will be as well.  He needs advice with electric hookup as ordinance 69.035 states 100 amp is $150 connection fee, 200 amp is $200 and we supply material for those. Above 200 amp is $200 plus materials.  Electric system we are installing for them is above $20,000, and would like to clarify how to handle fee.  Mayor Keen will get with Dennis Bell in regards to the fee.  Jason asked for approval for himself and Marc Mabe to attend a 10-day class with MRWA for wastewater certification.  Terry Beckham makes motion for Jason Evans and Marc Mabe to attend entry-level wastewater certification class with MRWA in Sikeston, Bill Bennett seconds, all in favor, motion carries. Jason advised Council the materials for roof of City Hall should be in next week and the repairs should get us another 6 to 8 years out of the roof.  Jason stressed the need for a new backhoe due to having several mechanical issues and repairs for this year, which have been more than $10,000.  He spoke with Erb Equipment about a 5-year lease purchase.  The payment would be $13,498.45 per year, with option to return at any time during or at end of contract, or may purchase at end of contract for $44,999.67, or turn in and start a new lease with new equipment.  Mayor Keen suggested Jason get 3 bids for backhoe.

Jennifer Hurd of Park Board shared information from Delores Haywood for event on June 2, 2018 at the City Park for Trail of Tears. They would like City to sign a contract dedicating a part of grassy area as a historic site.  It would help City to be eligible for grants for concrete.  Council questioned what the contract says, and would like to look over it before approving.  Jennifer is to have contract for next meeting.  Jennifer was contacted by school nurse asking for 120 day passes for students that attended an after school program. After discussion, Mayor Keen suggested the nurse give a list of students for a free day at pool, however guardians would pay if they swim. PTO Carnival asked for donation for family pool pass up to 5 people. Crawford County Library asked for 3 individual 1 day passes. Council was in agreeance to approve passes.

Bill Bennett with streets recommended some ideas for the future being:  Consider buying a load of cold mix for fixing potholes. Roben advised that there is still about $4,800 for patching, and there is money left in paving as well. Yellow stripes at pool and at commuter parking lot on Frisco Street. Build a pond on Industrial Drive between Landing pad and Warehouse.

City Clerk Sandra Richter gave shut off list being 17 turned off, 4 still off, and 2 being finaled.

Next meeting scheduled for May 21 at 7:00 pm.

With nothing more to discuss, Sharon Hubbard makes the motion to adjourn at 9:18 PM, Amanda Sherrill seconds the motion, all in favor, motion carried.


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